2007 State Quarter designs proposed

Two of the five states with new state quarters due for release in 2007 have finished their initial design homework.

In late September, Washington and Idaho both submitted five design suggestions apiece to the U.S. Mint for the Mint’s consideration.

“We eagerly anticipate receipt of the U.S. Mint’s graphic designs and look forward to moving one step closer to realizing Washington’s quarter,” said Mike Gregoire, chairman of Washington’s State Quarter Advisory Commission.

In April 2006, SQAC will present up to five coin designs on the state quarter Web site www.governor.wa.gov/quarter, inviting Washington citizens to participate in a public opinion poll to assist SQAC in making its final recommendation to the governor.

The five proposed designs for Washington are:

  • A salmon, Mount Rainier and an apple within an outline of Washington State
  • An apple within the outline of Washington State
  • An outline of Washington State with Mount Rainier centered
  • A salmon breaching the water with Mount Rainier as a backdrop
  • A Northwest Native American stylized orca

The five proposed designs for Idaho are:

  • The Peregrine Falcon
  • The Sawtooth Mountains
  • Farmland Tapestry
  • State Song (“Here We Have Idaho”)
  • Bold and Distinctive, which features the word, Idaho, written prominently across the center of the coin.

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