a coin price question

I got an e-mail with the following question but when I replied, the e-mail bounced so I’m replying here in case the person checks back.

Q: I have a 1926 Silver Quarter and a 1902 Liberty Head Nickel. Both are heavily worn, but have easily readable print and dates. I was wondering if you could give me an idea about how much they may be worth. I was able to get a reasonable evaluation of about $6.00 for the quarter online sometime ago, but I have not been able to find an evaluation for the nickel. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Just for your interest- I got the Quarter as part of my change for the $4.00 #2 Value Meal at our local McDonalds. Guess you could say I made money on that deal. I found the nickle under a floor board of an old house I am helping to remodel.

A: The Liberty Nickel price guide says it’s worth between $5 to $70 depending on the condition, and my guess would be that your coin is around a Good to Very fine condition.

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