a treasure in gold

N.H. coin experts are sorting through a treasure in gold. The coins are from fabled collector Louis Eliasberg’s collection and have been cooped up in a bank in Baltimore for 40 years. The collection includes 2,800 coins from all over the world, and even the experts are excited to see authentic examples of coins they had read about.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the article.

The oldest coin is an ancient Greek gold piece struck by hand in Sicily in 413 B.C.

That’s the kind of coin that gets the imagination going.

“First you marvel at how beautiful it is, how it’s a little work of ancient art, and then you think about where the heck has this thing been,” said Kraljevich. “Who was it spent by? Where in Europe did it transact and for what? From what invading hordes was it hidden and when was it discovered? Or has it been in a king’s collection?

“It’s dramatic,” he said. “There’s a reason why hidden gold treasure is a theme in so many movies. The idea of a golden treasure is one of those evocative images that anyone can identify with.”

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