Can't Wait for the New Jefferson Dollar?

Ken Potter has some.

On Aug. 8, Potter announced that he had acquired “P” and “D” Jefferson dollars and would be offering them for sale.

First he was having them certified as early releases by J.T. Stanton, president of PCI Coin Grading Service, Inc.

Potter, a coin error/variety authority and dealer from Lathrup Village, Mich., explained that while one of his suppliers was looking for $1,000 boxes of John Adams dollars, intending to search for double edge lettering errors and smooth edge errors, he was told by a bank that they had five unopened boxes of the coins that he could purchase.

Upon picking them up, he found that the bank had sold him three boxes of 2007-P Jefferson dollars along with two boxes of Adams dollars. A special seal on the Jefferson dollar boxes reads “DO NOT BREAK SEAL UNTIL AUG 16.”

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