Coin collecting for dummies

Raymond Hanisco, of BellaOnline, interviewed Ron Guth, author of Coin Collecting for Dummies and posted it online.

I’ve included a few highlights below, or you can view the original article.

How would you describe what your book “Coin Collecting for Dummies” is about and why did you decide to write it?

“’Coin Collecting for Dummies’ is really aimed at getting people excited about collecting coins, and it is not just for the beginner, but some of it is aimed at the advanced collector (someone who has been collecting for a while). It really is about getting people excited about coin collecting and introducing them to the things they will be encountering when they first start. One of the problems with numismatics and coin collecting is that you pretty much get thrown into it, and either you swim or sink. I wanted to provide some helpful information for those people just starting out so they can avoid some of the mistakes that a lot of people make when they first start collecting.”

Who do you think could benefit from reading [your book]?

“Really anybody, as there are tips in there for anybody, beginners to advanced collectors. … I go into selling your collection, which is a major decision. [When selling your collection], it is difficult to let go, and … it is easy to make a big mistake. So, I try to give some advice. Whether you go to auction, or whether you pursue other avenues, collectors have a feeling of a personal attachment to the coins in their collections.”

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