Coin collecting gift ideas

It’s that time of the year again, when you hear silver bells, roast chestnuts on an open fire and talk of reindeer. Indeed, Christmas is fast approaching.

I’m sure you’re wondering what you could buy your coin collecting friend or family member that they would like. You’ve probably tried in the past and gotten them an MS-64 when they really yearned for an MS-65, or perhaps you bought them a 1949 Franklin Half because you saw that was open in their collection, but didn’t realize it was supposed to have a little S on it. It’s natural that after making the mistake once, you don’t want to do it again, so you may avoid that vein of gift altogether.

Or maybe you’re a grandparent or parent and want to inspire a young mind to join the hobby of coin collecting instead of buying them yet another pair of underpants (I can tell you one thing, they certainly aren’t lying awake at night hoping for that as a gift).

I’m here to help. I’ve found a list of coin collecting gift ideas from the The Columbus Dispatch that ranges all the way from less than $5 to less than $1,000. Whatever the budget, there is a gift out there for your coin collecting recipient.

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