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If you’re interested in getting a subscription to a magazine or newspaper about coins, you have several options. The best three options in my opinion are Coins Magazine or COINage for magazines and Numismatic News if you want a weekly newspaper. I heard about some promotions where you get free coins if you subscribe to Coins or Numismatic News so I thought I’d do a little research on prices.

The Coins Magazine offer is 12 issues for $28.98 and you get 10 uncirculated statehood quarters from the first year of issue (1999) from CT, DE, GA, NJ and PA. I thought that sounded pretty good until I looked elsewhere. If you’re not interested in getting the 10 quarters, you can get a subscription to Coins Magazine for $20.98, $19.98 or $18.50.

The Numismatic News offer is for 52 issues for $35.99 and you get two uncirculated 2006 Colorado Statehood Quarters, P and D mint-marks. However, if a lower price is more appealing, you can get a year subscription for $28.98, $23.95, $29.98 or $16.51.

Those are the only two promotions I heard about, but COINage is a good magazine as well. Interestingly enough, you can get 12 issues for only $11.98 directly from the publisher. None of the other discount magazine sites come close to that price (they were in the $15 to $19 range).

In short, you have lots of options for coins magazines. Please be aware that I haven’t used the discount magazine sites, so you do so at your own risk.

Happy reading!

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