Coin Show in Texas Brings Out All Types

Odds are, on more than one occasion, when scratching deeply into a change pocket or coin purse, a person fishes out an old nickel, dime or penny and screams, “Eureka!”

Better odds suggest the excitement of the moment dissolves quickly when the person discovers the actual value of the coinage is its face value, or less in some cases.

It is not unusual for coin collectors and dealers to be the ones to deliver the sad or possibly exciting news of coin collecting reality.

A few of the visitors to the Texarkana Coin Club’s 45th Coin and Currency Show held March 2-3 at Texarkana College’s Truman Arnold Student Center stopped by for just such appraisals.

But a record number of attendees for the annual show came with buying, selling or trading in mind. This year the coin club welcomed collectors of stamps, sports card memorabilia and antique costume jewelry to the event as well.

Polished and gleaming copper, silver and gold circular and various colors of currency invited visitors to wander and look admiringly at items some suggest “make the world go ‘round”.

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