Coin Trivia for 6 Feb 2007

You may have noticed that the trivia questions were quite easy if you get e-mail notifications or read posts through an RSS reader. For those who read the actual site, the reason it was so easy is because the answers were visible right along with the questions.

It was annoying, but not annoying enough to fix until now. My threshold of annoyance has been met and I’ve devised a solution to resolve it. The answers should no longer be visible until you click on them unless you disable Javascript, and I’m thinking about changing that as well. In fact, I’m also thinking of making these more of a quiz so you can enter your answer and then get a score, but matching user-entered text is a little difficult. If the answer is James A. Garfield, and the user enters J Garfeld as the answer, they’re correct, but they would be marked wrong.

One idea I had was to turn them into multiple choice questions, but it’s hard to come up with good alternate answers that doesn’t make it too obvious. I’m still leaning in that direction, because there are lots of quiz sites where I could post the trivia questions that could score them and let you keep track of how well you’ve done over time.

Any ideas would be welcome. I’ve enabled comments on this entry so you can make a comment, reply to the notification e-mail or e-mail me directly.

That was a little long, wasn’t it?

On with the questions!

  1. In what years were the Flying Eagle cents issued for circulation?

  2. A puffin is shown on the coins of what Bristol Channel country?

  3. The $2 Federal Reserve note has had what series dates?

  4. In 1906, what interrupted the work of the San Francisco Mint?

  5. What is the proper title of the Red book?


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