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What's My Coin Worth? An eBook

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Coin Values Ebook

I didn't know what to do. The questions kept coming and I didn't have enough time to answer them all.

A lot has changed in the 10+ years I've been running this site, but one thing has remained constant - people send in questions. The number one question by far is some variant of, "How much is my coin worth?" Initially I would look up the coin they asked about in one of my price guides, or go online and find a few comparable coins and give them a reasonably accurate estimate. But that took time and the emails kept coming. And we both know there are only so many hours in the day. It wasn't a good long term solution.

I created a Frequently Asked questions page to help visitors find the value, but the emails continued. At one point I even rewrote the contact page to make it harder for people to contact me. But I didn't like it. I enjoy interacting with readers and I felt bad for discouraging those exchanges. I was stuck. I didn't have the time to respond to everyone that emailed in but I wanted to help them find out how much their coins were worth.

I was stuck at that point for years, and then a solution dawned on me --

Write a book teaching people how to find the value of their coins and sell it.

My readers would benefit from this arrangement because they could access the information they wanted at any time of day, rain or shine, without having to wait for me to reply.

I benefited because I could justify taking the time to write the book because once it was written I could earn residual income while helping my readers.

It was a win win until I started writing.

Who knew it would be so hard to finish? I had dozens of false starts, weeks of procrastinating, but slowly the book began to take form.

The book covers these points:

  • 3 main components of a coin's worth
  • The 5 most important attributes of a coin
  • How to find the value of your coin online
  • The best price guide books
  • Lesser known ways to value your coin
  • The official grading standards for US coins
  • How to get a FREE book on how to grade US coins
  • How to find a coin club

My goal in writing it was to allow a non-collector come to the site, buy the ebook and have enough information to confidently determine the value of their coins.

When I finished writing, I didn't know if I'd succeeded. Soon after I received an email from Sue M. asking how to find the value of a coin collection she inherited and I had an idea.

First, here's the email she sent me on May 9th, 2010.

I have recently inherited a small treasure chest of old coins and don't know where to begin to know exactly what I have. These coins have been in a safe since my father's death in 1981 and was recently opened when my mother passed away. I know that a lot of them are probably not worth much but there are some that I do wonder about, (i.e. 1876 half dollar, etc.).

The idea was to give her a copy of the ebook to find out if it helped. I replied that I had been working on an ebook to answer her very question and asked if she would be willing to give me feedback. I assured her it could be positive or negative, I just wanted to find out what she thought to help potential buyers know what they were getting. She agreed.

Here is her message to you.

After inheriting some coins from my father I had no idea what I had or their worth. This book was the best thing I did to get started, it was like learning the abc's before learning to read. After reading this book I was able to pick up a coin, look for markings and begin a more accurate search for value. I highly recommend for any beginner.

I've never written an ebook before, so this is an adventure for me to see what the response is like. I sincerely hope it will be met with the same response as Sue, but if not, email me and I will gladly refund your money.

If this book helps you realize the value of just one coin, you can easily save or make far more than the cost of this book. Knowledge is power.


I don't want your money if the guide isn't valuable to you. If you buy the book and it doesn't have the information you needed, let me know within 30 days of your purchase. I will give you a full refund and only ask in return that you let me know what was missing in order to improve it.

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The eBook is $14.95 only $10.

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This is a digital download only. It's a 30-page PDF packed with the kind of information I've shared over the years, but in a compact and easy to read guide. There's no physical book (although if there's enough interest, I could have some made on Lulu or through Amazon's CreateSpace).

P.S. After all the work that went into writing the book I'm not too sure about writing another one. But you submitted some great ideas for topics to cover. If this launch goes well, you can expect more to come.

P.P.S. I'd love to hear your feedback, good or bad. Also, if you find any errors, please let me know.

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