Errors in new dollar coins

In the latest Numismatic eNewsletter Dave Harper talks about some dollar coin errors, most notably the missing “In God We Trust”

Last week the new George Washington dollar was released to circulation. This week come the first reports of errors. Topping the list was a report of one of the new dollars without the edge lettering. On a regular coin, the edge carries the date, mintmark, "In God We Trust" and "E Pluribus Unum." An Arizona collector, who wishes to remain anonymous, reported it. He truly has a "Godless" dollar coin. Other reports of errors are coming in. What is not an error is the changing direction of the edge lettering. On some coins the tops of the letters are close to the obverse. On others they are close to the reverse. This is normal. It is not an error.

I also got an e-mail from a bank teller in Tallahassee Florida who has found 10 dollar coins with the missing motto. A local coin collector bought $2100 dollars worth of them from one of the branches there and only got about 25, so at least on that batch, it’s about a 1% error rate.

If anyone has any more news on the error, let me know.

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