Finding a coin club

Coin collecting can be fun in and of itself, but associating with others who have the same interest can enhance your enjoyment of the hobby. It’s also a great way to learn from others and share what you know with them.

Another benefit is that you can meet local coin dealers, who often attend club meetings. It gives you a chance to become involved in your community by helping out with coin shows and other club activities.

So, if you’re a beginning collector and want to learn more about the hobby of kings, or you’re a seasoned collector who would like to share your knowledge with others, or if you’re somewhere in between, a coin club is a great place to go.

The best resource I know of (if anyone has any other resources, please let me know) is the ANA Club Directory, where you can find the closest club to you by state, zip code, club name or club specialty.

And if there isn’t one close by, you can always start your own!

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