heritage survey for $20 gold piece

There’s an online survey at Heritage Coin ending on April 14th that has a 1907 $20 gold High Relief St. Gaudens for the grand prize. The rest of the prizes allow you to auction a certain dollar amount of coins without paying commission, which I consider a feeble excuse for a prize. It’s like when airlines offer a free seat on a flight - it barely costs them anything to do and is a cop out.

If you happen to be in the enviable position of owning $100,000 in coins that you want to auction off, great, but I would guess the number of people in that situation is quite low. In any case, the potential of getting a free $20 gold piece makes taking the survey worthwhile, even if you feel very poor after seeing some of the answers. They asked for the total value of your coin collection and the answers started at $10,000 and ended at $1,000,000. If only…

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