How to make $1.1 million in 3 months

(Newport Beach, CA) – How do you make a million dollar profit with rare coins in only three months? By studying and carefully watching for opportunities in the marketplace, according to Aaron Ellis of California, a first-quarter winner in the Professional Coin Grading Service World’s Series of Coin Trading™ contest that began March 1, 2006 and will end this December 31.

The contest is divided in two categories: collectors and dealers. Each contestant created a hypothetical $1 million rare coin portfolio, and they can “buy” and “sell” as they desire. Cash prizes of $1,000 each are given to the top collector and dealer traders each quarter, and cash prizes of $10,000 each will be given to the top traders in each category at the conclusion of the competition.

Ellis recently won $1,000 as the top coin trader in the collector division for the period March 1 to May 31, 2006.

He told PCGS he heard friends talking about the contest, so he thought he’d give it a try. Ellis admits there was “a little bit of luck” involved in building his initial $1 million fantasy portfolio into $2,144,147 in only three months.

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Here’s the game they’re talking about where you get $1 million to buy rare coins.

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