How to sell junk silver

Q: Silver-colored coins were indiscriminately saved over many years, perhaps 1945-1965. They were recovered and roughly sorted. We currently hold about $200 in $1 coins minted between 1879 and 1935, about $400 in halves minted between 1894 and 1965, and $110 in quarters minted pre 1934 to 1964. The total face value is approximately $650.

We are couch potatoes and have no interest in hobbying in the coins. What is the most profitable way to deal with this cash?

A: Your coins are known in numismatic circles as “junk silver,” Joe Frisard of Houston-based Stanford Coins & Bullion said. But that does not mean they are worthless.

Based on last week’s spot price of silver of $13.18 per ounce, your coins might trade for between $9 and $9.50 per dollar value. That’s a potential profit of more than $5,000. And if the price of silver continues to go up, then the value of your coins will also rise.

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