How to Transport a $1.9 Million Dime

You don’t eat and you don’t sleep says the coin dealer who wore flip flops on his first class flight from San Jose to New York City to transport the 1894-S dime, worth a jaw dropping $1.9 million. Here’s his story.

John Feigenbaum flew out of San Jose this week in first class, with flip-flops on his feet, a T-shirt on his back and a dime worth $1.9 million in his pocket.

It was the most expensive dime ever to pass through San Jose. That’s because it is the most expensive dime in the history of dimes.

“All the way across the country I didn’t sleep,” Feigenbaum said. “I didn’t eat and I didn’t sleep. You wouldn’t, either.”

Feigenbaum is a rare coin dealer, and the dime he was carrying across the country, from San Jose to New York, is an 1894-S dime, one of only nine known to exist, and one of only 24 known to be coined that year in San Francisco.

It was his job to pick up the dime from the seller’s vault, in Oakland, and deliver the dime to the buyer’s vault, in midtown Manhattan.

The person who bought the dime does not want the world to know who he is. The person who sold the dime is Oakland businessman Daniel Rosenthal, who was unavailable for comment, perhaps because a person newly in possession of $1.9 million has got better things to do than answer a lot of questions.

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