Mint stops selling new nickels in December

WASHINGTON – The United States Mint is encouraging customers who wish to order products that contain 2004 or 2005 nickels to do so this month (no later than December 1, 2005) for guaranteed delivery. The authorizing legislation for the Westward Journey Nickel Series™ requires that the reverse (tails side) of any 5-cent coin (nickel) issued after December 31, 2005, shall bear an image of Thomas Jefferson’s home of Monticello. Therefore, the 2004 Peace Medal and Keelboat nickels and the 2005 American Bison and Ocean in View nickels may not be sent to customers after December 31, 2005.

Orders will continue to be taken through December 25, 2005, although the United States Mint cannot guarantee fulfillment of orders that are received after December 1, 2005.

The list of affected items includes proof and mint sets, along with all of the Westward Journey Nickels.

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(Thanks to Tom for e-mailing me about this)

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