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I received an anonymous tip from a former employee of the World Reserve Monetary Exchange with some more details about how they do business. If anyone else has any input from recent experiences with them, I’d like to hear about it. I also ran across this article from 2005, condemning the practice of making an ad look like a legitimate news article.

Here’s the information I received.

Each ad is geared toward the elderly… “Give widget to your Grandkids” and when the Customer calls WRME they use the “Grandkids” as the ploy to rack up multiple unit sales per call. Good Luck getting off the the call for less than 3-5 units!

They would also mail multiple items separately by “Bulk Mail” Post Office. This was so that they could collect multiple shipping and handling charges, when they could very easily just send multiple units in one UPS or FedEx.

These guys know how to take advantage of every opportunity to make $$$$

Invoices do not go out with pricing on each line item. This almost seems like just a packing slip and most elderly never know how much they really ended up paying until their Credit Card statement shows up.

Invoices do not go out with a phone number for the company. Unisyn has a “twisted web” of company, business and what I would call “stage names”. They sell under the Uni-Syn name.

If I remember correctly, the Ads in the Newspaper would refer to WRME, or the Museum Collection - although you could never find a phone number with Directory Assistance (unless you somehow knew they were all a part of Uni-Syn).

Invoices do not go out with a return address for the company. This was the best part, nor did they print ANYWHERE a return policy or 100% Money Back Guarantee or anything consumer related.

Key Personnel

Owner - Rodney Napier

VP - John (Thomas) White - Sounds Presidential huh!?

Advertising VP - Laura Fish

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