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The National Collector’s Mint now has a FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions page, where it answers some of the questions that I’ve heard from people. One of the most common questions I’ve gotten is, “I have sent in a check and it has not been cashed. Where is my money?”

Their answer:

Currently we are temporarily prohibited from shipping or accepting orders for the Freedom Tower Commemorative. We are working to try to bring this matter to a speedy resolution. Until that time, we are unable to ship orders. We will notify interested customers if and when we are able to proceed with orders. Your payment will not be processed until we are able to ship your order

I also heard from someone who received solicitation from them to buy a $5 gold coin, so they’re still selling other items, but not the 2004 Freedom Tower Dollar.

They also have contact information if you have any questions about any of this. I’m including it here as well in case they take it down.

National Collector’s Mint 8 Slater Street Port Chester, NY 10573

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 1-800-452-4381 between 9am and 6pm EST, Monday through Friday.

Fax: 914-935-3321

Incidentally, I noticed their e-mail address was not at but I tried going to that site, but it doesn’t appear to have anything there.

If I find anything else out about the court case, I’ll post about it here.

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