Negotiate Live for Coins Online

One of the negatives of buying coins on eBay is the delay between bidding and when you win (or lose) the auction. Unlike a live auction you may have to wait several days before you get to admire your newly acquired coins.

A site by the name of (pronounced fih-diddle) is trying to put the fun back into buying items (including coins) by letting buyers and sellers negotiate in real time. If they come to an agreement on the price, the sale is made. If not, the buyer moves on and the seller keeps their item for another day.

It’s a new site so the selection is limited. Last I checked there were only 20 coins, but that will likely grow in time.

It’s great to see new sites like Fididel coming up with new ways to make purchases online. Bartering has been used in street markets around the world for hundreds of years. It’s about time we got to do it online too.

Category - Coin collecting
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