New $5 Bill Released

The U.S. government today digitally unveiled a new, more secure design for the $5 bill that will be issued and enter circulation in early 2008.

There are now two watermarks on the redesigned $5 bill. A large number “5” watermark is located to the right of the portrait. A second watermark – a column of three smaller “5”s – has been added to the new $5 bill design and is positioned to the left of the portrait.

The embedded security thread runs vertically and is now located to the right of the portrait on the redesigned $5 bill. The letters “USA” followed by the number “5” in an alternating pattern are visible along the thread from both sides of the bill. The thread glows blue when held under ultraviolet light.

This is the first time in history that U.S. paper money has been unveiled entirely online.

Because the $5 bill is heavily used in vending and transit farecard machines, the U.S. government began informing the manufacturers and end-users of those machines about the upcoming new $5 bill more than a year ago, to provide ample time to adjust them to accept the new design.

A new $100 bill will follow.

For more information, check out the money factory.

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