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Krause Publications has created a new web site called Numismaster which will be an online pricing and information service that also serves as a collection or inventory management system. Currently you can only enter your e-mail address and name to sign up as a premier member. The site will be live in September.

I signed up to receive more information and as I find out more I’ll post it here. It sounds like a useful web site. If you can easily track your entire coin collection and it has live prices, you would be able to know the entire value of your collection, whether it’s going up or down, how much it’s gone up and other statistics about your coin collection. It could also be used as an appraisal tool for family members who inherit a collection and want to know how much it’s worth. You could enter in all the coins from the collection and then see how much they were worth.

I look forward to finding out more about the site. Here’s the press release.

A powerful and fun new tool for coin collectors and dealers is scheduled for launch by Krause Publications.

NumisMaster is an online pricing and information service that also serves as a collection or inventory management system.

Collectors will be able to subscribe to the service at various levels of their choosing, giving them the ability to access up-to-date values and information on most of the coins and paper money in the world.

“Krause Publications has the largest numismatic database in the world,” according to Bill Reed, Magazine Group President of F+W Publications, parent company of Krause Publications. “NumisMaster opens this database to coin enthusiasts worldwide.”

Featuring highest-level security, the service will provide easy access to auction prices realized, expert advice, threaded forums, most-active topics reports, interactive coin show calendar and numerous other benefits for collectors at any level. There will be various buying and selling components.

NumisMaster is slated to go live in September. However, demonstrations of the service will be available at the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money in Denver Aug. 16-18 and information will be available throughout the show from Aug. 15-19.

David Harper, editor of Numismatic News, said that NumisMaster will be partnering with some of the leaders in the numismatics field to make the services available as dynamic as possible.

“This is an incredibly exciting venture for us” noted Harper. “This will be a valuable service right out of the box, and we will be building more and more features, expanding coin listings and offering valuable buying and selling opportunities. It’s going to keep getting better and better.”

For years the most comprehensive information available in coin collecting has been available in the Standard Catalog series of coin and paper money books. This information plus more will be available through NumisMaster. “We also will be adding even more grades and coins,” Harper noted.

Subscribers will be able to purchase access to all or parts of the database. For instance, they may want to subscribe only to 20th Century coins, or gold coins, or U.S. coins, or U.S. paper money. Or they can subscribe to everything. Dealers will be able to subscribe to the entire system and also get access to special commercial features, such as inventory management.

Many features are in development and anyone is welcome to submit their own ideas as well by emailing Bill Bright, numismatic publisher at [email protected].

Interested collectors will be able to do a free search on the system to see how it functions.

Collectors are welcome to stop by the NumisMaster booth in the lobby of the Colorado Convention Center during the ANA Show and register for a free demonstration. Demos also will be available at other major coin shows around the country over the next few months.

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