Coin Trivia for 21 December 2010

  1. Name the English king under whom “cartwheel” coinage was issued

  2. What organization first issued notes for Indonesia?

  3. For what reason did Congress award a gold medal to Joseph Francis in 1888?

  4. In what year were $3 gold pieces struck at the Dahlonega Mint?

  5. What was on the edge of $10 Indian gold pieces?


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Coin Trivia for 14 December 2010

  1. What is a “Baltimore Proof”?

  2. What structure is on the reverse of the Battle of Antietam commemorative half dollar?

  3. The bird of paradise is on coinage of what nation?

  4. Who discovered the original Confederate half dollar?

  5. Which president is portrayed on the first oval, die-struck Indian peace medal?


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Coin Trivia for 7 December 2010

  1. The earliest paper money of Austria-Hungary dates from what war?

  2. On the Hawaiian Sesquicentennial half, which direction is Cook facing?

  3. A bear on a wall is the symbol of coinage of what German state?

  4. How many signers of the Declaration of Independence actually signed Colonial-era notes?

  5. Who succeeded William Barber as Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint?


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Coin Trivia for 30 November 2010

  1. What Quaker brought St. Patrick’s coinage to the United States?

  2. In what year was the British half crown demonitized?

  3. Who appears on the Sept. 1, 1870 $3 note of Mississippi?

  4. What building appears on the 1929 U.S. Assay Commission medal?

  5. Where was the first irregular meeting of the American Numismatic and Antiquarian Society held?


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Coin Trivia for 23 November 2010

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