Coin Trivia for 19 October 2010

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Top 10 Most Valuable US Coins

The folks over at TopTenz put together a list of the top ten most valuable American coins. The list isn’t all that scientific or rigorous, but it’s a fun look at the big boys of rare coins from the sidelines.

I can only imagine what it would be like to have the means to buy one of these.

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Coin Trivia for 12 October 2010

  1. What were the first Colonial coins in the English U.S. Colonies?

  2. What sea creatures are shown on Iceland’s 1981 5 kronur?

  3. What comes first in the plate position indicator, number or letter?

  4. Since 1936, when has production of U.S. Proof sets been suspended?

  5. On what modern U.S. coin was an eagle added to the design as an afterthought?


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Coin Trivia for 5 October 2010

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Coin Trivia for 28 September 2010

  1. What two 1976 coins show flaming torches?

  2. What three denominations of Olympic commemoratives did Canada strike in 1976?

  3. What two types of U.S. paper money was overprinted with HAWAII during World War II?

  4. Who appears on the 1984 half ounce American Arts Gold Medallion?

  5. What is the last new U.S. denomination authorized still being struck?


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