Penny Pyramid Record

I received this e-mail from Justin Pinkney, who is trying to build a pyramid made of one million pennies. He has a blog too. If I’d have known about this 2 years ago I could have told him to talk to the guy trying to get rid of a million pennies.


I am trying to break the world record for a penny pyramid by building one from a million pennies, (the current record is at 289,318). But it won’t be possible without the help of the public, so I’m trying to generate a bit of publicity and would be very grateful if you could maybe put a wee link on your website? The £10,000 worth of pennies will be given to charity afterwards, half to Oxfam, and half to the Jackie Chan Charitable foundation (because nothing in this world would make me happier than meeting Jackie Chan to hand over a big cheque and shake his hand)

It’s for a good cause, a world record, charity and one boy’s dream of meeting Jackie Chan. Pretty please?


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