Proof or Mint Sets

Question: I am getting ready to buy a 2005 coin set and I was wondering which coin set would be worth more and hold its value better over time, the 2005 United States Mint Silver Proof Set or the 2005 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set?

Answer: If I could reliably predict the future, I would be a rich man. In other words, there’s no sure way to tell which will be worth more. Proof sets are specially made for collectors, so they are likely candidates, but then again, if there aren’t many mint sets made, or there’s some error in them, they could be worth more too.

I prefer to collect because it’s fun, and if I make money in the end, so be it. It makes the hobby much more enjoyable and whether it goes up or down in value, your son will probably never want to sell it because it will mean so much to him.

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