Shipwreck treasure found

Shipwreck Mystery Booty: Forget “Pirates of the Caribbean, “a treasure yeild of over 17 tons of silver and gold coins has been legally found. A salvage company has recovered more than $500 million dollars booty from a ship lost in 1865 off the U.S. coast, the company said Friday.

Odyssey Marine Exploration excavated the treasure from a ship it has code-named the Black Swan, said the company in a statement. The ship is an undisclosed location in the Atlantic Ocean.

English experts have allegedly heard recent chatter of a spectacular find, and suspect it may be lying just outside UK territorial waters.

Many of the coins, most of which are silver with some gold, are believed to be in mint condition. They are being kept in the United States in another undisclosed location, said John Morris, Odyssey Cofounder.

Morris, also the CEO of Odyssey, indicated that the company isn’t quite certain of the identity of the vessel. “Our research suggests that there were a number of colonial period shipwrecks that were lost in the area where this site is located, so we are being very cautious about speculating as to the possible identity of the shipwreck.”

His partner, Greg Stemm, adds: “The remarkable condition of most of the first 6,000 silver coins conserved has been a pleasant surprise, and the gold coins are almost all dazzling mint state specimens. We are excited by the wide range of dates, origins and varieties of the coins, and we believe that the collecting community will be thrilled when they see the quality and diversity of the collection.”

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