Students learn about joys of collecting coins

Jerry Soukup is proud to be a numismatist.

The 72-year-old retired math teacher spent this week teaching Humke Elementary third-graders about numismatics - the hobby of coin collecting.

During classes, students learned about coins and tried their hand at designing their own.

Several students wanted to start collections.

“There could be older coins that are rare,” said Lexi Brost, 8.

Austin Winch, 8, wanted to collect coins, so he could sell them and “get more money.” Soukup, a Nekoosa resident, has been a coin collector since 1966.

“I collect all American coins. I collect foreign coins,” Soukup said. “My specialty is in the error circulation.” An “error coin” is an improperly produced coin that was overlooked in production and later released into circulation. The coins often are considered valuable.

It’s important for students to learn the history of coins, Soukup said.

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