Tuesday Trivia (on Wednesday again)

I feel so sheepish. I failed to post trivia questions again yesterday. I have now created a reminder on Google Calendar to make sure that doesn’t happen again. And now, the 5 questions (and answers below).


  1. Before 1979, during what four years did a ‘P’ mint mark appear on a US coin?

  2. What two design types of $4 gold peices were issued?

  3. Is a “clipped” coin an example of a planchet, die or striking error?

  4. What country issues the Noble?

  5. Name the Federal Reserve Bank cities located east of the Mississippi River


  1. 1942 to 1945

  2. The Flowing Hair and the Coiled Hair

  3. Planchet error

  4. Isle of Man

  5. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Richmond, Cleveland and Chicago

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