Updated US Coin Gallery

I’ve added new coins for 2007 to the US Coin Gallery from the State Quarters and Presidential Dollars programs.

The coins from the State Quarters program include:

  • Montana State Quarter
  • Washington State Quarter
  • Idaho State Quarter
  • Wyoming State Quarter
  • Utah State Quarter

From the Presidential Dollars I added:

  • George Washington Presidential Dollar
  • John Adams Presidential Dollar
  • Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollar
  • James Madison Presidential Dollar

It might be a little confusing now that there are three different coins bearing the name of George Washington: The Washington Quarter, the Washington State Quarter and the Washington Presidential Dollar. Then there’s the one dollar bill which bears his name and likeness. Washington certainly made a large impact in the nation’s history.

Oddly enough, the Sacagawea Dollar is still being minted, as the law that allowed the presidential dollars to be minted required that at least one fourth of the dollar coins issued in each year of the program be Sacagawea dollars. This has not been the case with the State Quarter and Westward Journey programs, where the production of the original coins ceased while the new coins were minted.

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