US Dollar coins may feature presidents

Wish you had a U.S. president in your pocket?

Tyler Williams, 10, of Felton, thinks it’s kind of a cool idea after hearing Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., explain his latest coin idea - a series of $1 coins that carry the images of U.S. presidents.

“I might collect those,” said Tyler, who has about 25 of those state quarters. “And it’s a good way to raise money.”

Castle announced his legislation - introduced Thursday in Congress - during a visit Friday to Junior Achievement’s Enterprise Village in South Wilmington, where Tyler and 118 other fifth-graders from Lake Forest Central Elementary School were learning how the U.S. economy works.

The bill is similar to one Castle introduced last year, but instead of replacing the 5-year-old $1 coin featuring Sacagawea, an Indian who helped explorers Lewis and Clark on their trek, the presidential series would run simultaneously. Four presidents would be released each year, in the order they served, with Sacagawea returning after the series ends.

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