What Coin Magazine to Get

I just ran across an interesting article talking about the various coin magazines there are. They can be a very useful tool to keep up on the latest news in the coin collecting world. Another benefit is that there are often good deals from dealers looking to increase their customer base, so they have enticing one-time deals that you can take advantage of. Here’s the article.

If you are a beginning coin collector, or even an experienced collector, you may be wondering what numismatic/coin magazine or numismatic newspaper you should subscribe to. The first question is whether you want a weekly or a monthly. While you may find you need both, the purpose of this article will be to examine the monthlies. Specifically, we will examine COINS magazine, COINage and Coin Values. There are other publications dedicated to just price information such as COIN Prices which are not in the scope of this article. Note: While Coin Values, provides price information, it also contains feature articles where as Coin Prices, is strictly pricing information with various advertising.

All three magazines offer feature articles about different coins and coin collecting. And as one might expect, some of the same writers appear in more than one magazine. Many of the articles published in the magazines are not staff writers, but outside writers/collectors that make a few bucks on a published article. This by no means implies poor quality of articles; in fact, the contributions by the outside writers are excellent sources of information. With that in mind, let’s look at the publications in detail. Continue reading

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