What to collect?

Question: I am fairly new to collecting. However, I have always collected and bought what I liked. I am really in to silver, silver eagles, halves and now the state quarters. However, I am not sure what I should buy from here on out in assembling a collection. For example, with the state quarters, do I buy the rolls from the Mint, or bank or really spend a lot of money and buy the certified coins from dealers? And then there are the deep cameo, which are even more expensive. I also see that sometimes the mint state coins are more valuable than the proof coins. Thank you for any advice you can provide.

Answer: First off, I’m not a psychic nor can I tell the future, so there’s no way of telling what will be worth more.

If you want to collect coins, then collect what you like, regardless of the potential value later on. If you end up getting lucky and making money in the process, great (although you probably won’t want to sell your coins anyway, so it will end up benefiting others, but that’s beside the point).

Buy what you like and let fate decide the rest.

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