What's the countdown for?

Well folks, the coin eBook I’ve been working on (What’s My Coin Worth?) is finally launching this Friday at high noon (Pacific Time). Coin Values eBook Cover You can see the time counting down on the top of every page as a friendly reminder. It’s taken far longer than I ever imagined, so I’m excited to make it available for sale. I still have to finish up the sales page and some other odds and ends for the launch. I’ll let you in on all the details throughout this week, but for now here’s a sneak peak of the major topics it covers.

  • 3 main components of a coin's worth
  • The 5 most important attributes of a coin
  • How to find the value of your coin online
  • The best price guide books
  • Lesser known ways to value your coin
  • The official grading standards for US coins
  • How to get a FREE book on how to grade US coins
  • How to find a coin club

See you Friday!

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