World Reserve Monetary Exchange At it Again

Aug. 28, 2007 - KGO - Could you resist an offer of free money? Or would you be skeptical? Well, we found a big ad offering free money; only problem is you have to pay for it.

Basil Pohnov of Oakland got pretty excited when he saw a full page spread in the San Francisco Chronicle.

It looked like a news story claiming people could get a year’s worth of presidential dollar coins for free.

“It seemed like the federal reserve, our government is unloading these to the public because they’re overstocked,” Basil Pohnov said.

The pictures seemed to show government officials unveiling the special coins.

Basil followed instructions to quickly claim his coins, but when he called the 800 number he found out the free coins would actually cost him $8 dollars, plus $4 dollars for shipping.

“I just couldn’t figure out what do I get for free if I have to pay $12 dollars?” Pohnov said.

He was told the coins “were” free. it’s the coin “case” that cost eight dollars.

“I don’t want the case I just want the coins for free, and they said sorry we can’t do that,” said Pohnov.

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