$1,000 State Quarter Collection Stolen

One of the negatives of having a coin collection at home is the potential of theft. But at the same time, where’s the fun of having a coin collection if it’s locked away in a bank safety deposit box somewhere? Coins are fun because you can hold (carefully of course) a piece of history and art in the palm of your hand. This pleasure was taken away from a couple in Pittsburgh who had $1,000 face value of their state quarter collection stolen.

Anita Kennedy spent Tuesday rolling the rest of her coin collection to take it to the bank.

“Our collecting days are over,” said Kennedy, 55, of Dunbar Township, Fayette County. “The rest of what I have is leaving here today.”

Anita and her husband, Robert, 55, decided to give up collecting after the state quarters they’d amassed since 1999 were stolen from their Union Street home.

State police in Uniontown reported that someone stole approximately $1,000 worth of quarters belonging to the Kennedys.

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