How to find mint state modern coin rolls

Question: I have a question that perhaps you might know the answer to. I want totry my hand at collecting high grade modern coins. So I am looking for a source for non-picked-through uncirculated dime rolls, (2006 or 2007).

I called a few banks and they have rolls alright but not specifically uncirculated ones direct from the mints. I see there are a few on eBay but they seem overpriced. I called the mint and they don’t sell dime rolls, just rolls of the states quarters and other “sell to the masses for a huge markup” type items.

Do you know where to get uncirculated dime rolls in large quantities for not much over face value for searching for MS-68’s and such?

Answer: One way to get uncirculated rolls (I did this for a year or two) is to buy a bunch of normal rolls from the bank and carry them with you. Then, watch for new coins at stores or supermarkets. When you find a store that has rolls of new coins, offer to trade them for your normal rolls. Most people will think you’re a little weird and wonder if you’re trying to scam them, but after an explanation are willing to make the switch.

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