Big Bash for Oregon State Quarter

The next quarter to be released this year is the Oregon State Quarter and the Oregonians are getting ready to par-tay.

Travel Oregon, Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s office, Crater Lake National Park, and Southern Oregon tourism organizations hope the quarter will encourage visitors and raise money for the Crater Lake National Park Trust.

Tourism is worth $7 billion a year in Oregon.

With an estimated 140 million Americans collecting the state series, the hope is that Oregon’s quarter, which features Crater Lake on the reverse side, will generate publicity.

The quarter’s actual release date is June 6. The summer long promotion kicks off in cooperation with the U.S. Mint on June 15 at the Oregon Historical Society in Portland.

There will be an outdoor party on the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland. Attendees age 18 and under will receive a free quarter and the public will be able to buy $10 rolls of uncirculated quarters — one of the last chances to do so before the coins work their way into circulation.

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