Class action lawsuit against National Collector's Mint

I just heard about a class action lawsuit against the National Collector’s Mint.

It says the suit was filed on behalf of more than 10,000 people who purchased the coin and that they participated in a “shameless attempt to profit from a national tragedy though an advertising campaign.” The suit also points out that the coin was not in fact legal tender, that it wasn’t authorized by the US Mint and that they haven’t stood behind their guarantee that if the customer wasn’t satisfied they could return the coin, “no questions asked.”

The site I linked to above asks that you register with them, but I’m not familiar with them nor have I had any contact with them. I’m hesitant to recommend you divulge your private information, especially since they’re located in Canada, meaning the privacy laws of the US would not apply.

If you’re interested in joining the class action lawsuit, I would recommend you consult with your own attorney and ask them to research the issue. If I find any more information out about this case, I’ll post it here.

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