What to get at the US Mint

Question: I am interested in starting a collection for my daughter through the US Mint but I do not know what is a better investment from all the different options. I saw coins minted in silver, gold & platinum and whether to get mint coins or proof or is the original clad coin the way to go?

Answer: It depends on why you’re getting your daughter coins. If you’re buying them just to make money, you might be better off buying her a savings bond or putting money into another investment account.

However, if you’re buying coins to peak her interest in coin collecting and to give you a chance to collect some coins along the way, then I would recommend you buy what you like most. Do you like platinum coins or do you prefer the gold and silver ones? No one knows which will appreciate more or faster, so it’s basically a question of what you prefer. If you buy less expensive coins, you can get more for the same price, so if you’re going for quantity, then you could buy rolls of coins from the bank.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. You should collect coins because you enjoy it, not to make money. If they happen to appreciate, great, but that shouldn’t be the sole reason for buying them.

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