Going going gone

The latest newsletter from Numismatic News had this editorial.

Sold: all 10,000 three-coin gold American Eagle 20th anniversary sets. They were all ordered from the U.S. Mint within two days after going on sale Aug. 30. Unless you acted fast, gone is your chance to get the “reverse proof” 2006 gold Eagle that’s part of this three-coin gold set.

Nearly gone: a related two-coin anniversary set with brilliant uncirculated one-ounce silver and gold Eagles. It looks to be on the verge of selling out, 14,783 sold as of Sept. 4 out of a maximum of 20,000 sets. These two BU coins each bear the West Point “W” mintmark. BU Eagles normally have no mintmark. If you’re interested in this set, priced at $850 from the Mint, head to the Mint’s Web site now because you may not get another chance.

There seems to be more time with the third Eagle anniversary set, a three-coin set of silver Eagles, which as of Sept. 4 toted 103,205 sold of a possible 250,000. Included here is a reverse proof silver Eagle with “P” mintmark, packaged with a silver proof and a BU example both with “W” mintmarks. At $100, this is the more affordable option for the silver Eagle collector seeking the 2006-W.

Critical content of the two of these sets are the “reverse proof” coins, which have frosty fields and mirror-like design elements, the opposite of traditional proof coins. A reverse proof gold one-ounce coin is in the first set and a reverse proof one-ounce silver coin is in the third set. Presumably there will be only these 10,000 reverse proof gold Eagles this year, and these 250,000 2006-P reverse proof silver Eagles.

In the two-coin set, the unusual aspect is the “W” mintmark, as noted above. Collectors of BU gold Eagles better think fast whether they need the 2006-W gold Eagle. Collectors of silver Eagles appear to have time to consider whether they need the 2006-W, which can be had in the three-coin silver set for less money.

These special coins become key issues of this year. The only way to get these them is in these sets.

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