Coin collecting answers

I just ran across a web site called answer bag that allows people to submit coin collecting questions for people to answer. That’s just one of the categories they have, but since this is a coin collecting blog, I didn’t think you’d want to hear about bizarre question topics.

The idea of answering questions online is certainly not new, but sites like Experts Exchange don’t have coin collecting as one of their topics. Google Answers occasionally has coin collecting questions but if your question hasn’t been asked you need to pay for an answer. Yahoo Answers also has some questions related to coin collecting, but there isn’t a category devoted to the topic. About has a coin collecting category and they have experts that are willing to answer coin collecting questions, so that is another good source of answers.

In short, there are lots of ways to find answers to your coin collecting questions online. If you want to find questions offline, I’d suggest finding a coin dealer in your area or finding a coin club where you can meet other collectors on a regular basis.

Best of luck!

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