How to inject life into a coin club

In Bill Fivaz’s article about how to improve a coin club he has some great suggestions. If you’re involved in a coin club, you’ll definitely want to take a look at these. If you’re not in one, go find a coin club to join so you can use these suggestions.

He uses each letter in the word Numismatics to frame the article.

N: New Members - How to attract new members, especially young ones (not necessarily YNs).

U: Uniqueness - What are you doing that other clubs are not, or, what aren’t you doing that successful clubs are?

M: Membership Retention - Once they are members, how do you keep them?

I: Interesting Items for Newsletters - Your club newsletter is your prime link to your members

S: Stimulate - To stimulate your members, potential members and your community by publicity on your club in newspapers, bulletins, etc.

M: Motivation - What are you doing to make the members want to come back to the meetings?

A: Activity - Are your meetings always the same? Become an active, innovative club!

T: Team - To encourage participation from all members in some way, so they will feel part of the team.

I: Informational handouts about your club - Let people know who you are, where you meet, etc.

C: Coin Shows and Conventions - Are you taking full advantage of them?

S: Sons and daughters; neighborhood kids - the “YN Connection” - How can we get young people interested in numismatics and get them to attend the meetings?

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