Storing coins and adding to your collection

Question: I am a new collector, and have only been collecting the new U.S. state quarters casually. I am wondering how I can continue to increase my collection and keep the coins I already have in good condition.

Answer: Excellent question. As for keeping your coins in good condition, a useful resource is this FAQ where it discusses how to store your coins.

The other question of how to increase your collection is a little harder to answer. There’s not one way to accumulate coins, so you have some options. A low cost solution is to go to your local bank and get a few rolls of quarters, then pick out the ones you want for your collection and exchange the quarters you don’t want for new ones. It will take time to build a collection this way, but it’s very rewarding when you finally complete it.

Another way is to go to a local coin dealer and let them know what you’re interested in so they can keep their eye out for items that come their way and hold them for you.

Third, you can attend coin shows if there are any in your area. There you will find are dozens of dealers all selling their wares. If you have the money, you could complete your collection in a day at a coin show.

I hope my answers helped, thanks for submitting your question.

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