Was the Wisconsin Quarter error deliberate?

Some people have questioned the authenticity of the Wisconsin Quarter error, claiming it was a deliberate act of a mint employee. Others say it was in fact an unnoticed flaw in the die. Even the experts don’t agree on it. Ken Potter says that they are not a collectible because it’s a minor die gouge.

Q. David Bowers, affiliated with American Numismatic Rarities is not so sure.

He says, “I think when you get a first view of it, it looks like a die flaw, and if you view it like that, then it’s probably not a collectible. I view it a little differently, with a little capriciousness, where something funny maybe went on at the (Denver) Mint.”

Bowers believes it to be a legitimate variety. “It looks like it was done deliberately by someone who had access to two working dies at Denver,” he explained.

“I think it’s one of the nicest, most exciting things to happen to our hobby in a long time. I think it’s going to become part of what we all do.”

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